Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District

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District Facilities

Leased Facilities

916 Mahtomedi Academy
White Bear Lake, MN
Leased from Belisle Development LLC since July, 2012 . This facility is located in White Bear Lake and is located blocks from the Career and Tech Center.
Auditory/Oral Program
Stillwater, MN
Stillwater Early Childhood Family Education facility was built in 2012 through a Stillwater referendum. Northeast Metro 916 began leasing space in August 2012 in this facility and students from our program integrate into Stillwater, Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten programming as appropriate.
Bellaire Education Center
White Bear Lake, MN
Leased from White Bear Lake Area Schools since 2003.
Career and Technical Center
White Bear Lake, MN
Building was originally owned by Northeast Metro 916 and legislatively became part of the MNSCU system when it was formed in the mid 1990s. A Joint Powers Agreement provides parameters around space use and maintenance.
Gateway Office Building/County C Offices
Roseville, MN
This is temporary office space to accommodate administrative and itinerant services staff while Capitol View Center is under construction.
Metro Heights Academy
Fridley, MN
Metro Heights ALC leased from Hoyt Properties since 2013. This facility is located in Fridley but resides in the Spring Lake Park school district.
John Glenn ALP Prorgam
Maplewood, MN 
The ALP program is housed in a separate and secure wing within John Glenn Middle School in the North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale school district.
South Campus
White Bear Lake, MN
South Campus is housed in a separate and secure wing within White Bear Lake Area High School South Campus. 
Vadnais Heights, MN
WELS-N moved in summer 2015 to a new facility with a 5-year lease from Pratt Ordway. Considerations are being made to move WELS-N to Capitol View during the redesign process.
Last Updated 11-11-16

Owned Facilities

Capitol View Center
Little Canada, MN
Purchased in 1987
Karner Blue Education Center
Blaine, MN
Opened Fall 2014
Maintenance and custodial support provided by Centennial Schools