Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District

3 Step Plan

3-Step Facilities Plan

​Northeast Metro 916 conducted extensive facilities studies and planning from 2006 through 2011. A steering committee was brought together with stakeholders from member districts who developed the 3-Step Facilities Plan. The plan was approved by the School Board in June 2012. This was the first major district-wide facilities overhaul since the late 80s when special education additions were constructed at member district schools.


STEP 1: New K-8 consolidated special education facility in the Northwest
Karner Blue opened Fall 2014

STEP 2: New K-8 consolidated special education facility in the Southeast
Pankalo Education Center planned to open Fall 2017

STEP 3: Remodel or rebuild Capitol View secondary education facility in Little Canada
Quora Education Center to open in Fall 2018
For more background information, including cost estimates, read the board presentation from February 2012. 
Last Updated 1-9-17