Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District


Intermediate school districts are funded very differently than typical PreK-12 school districts. Most of the revenue is generated through tuition and fees as well as some member district levies.  
Membership Fee
The Annual Membership Fee is set annually by the 916 school board and is set at $20.50 per pupil unit for FY 17. These revenues support district overhead.
Special Education Tuition Billing
The Minnesota Department of Education manages the tuition billing system when students are served at Northeast Metro 916. Rates are set by MDE and are based on the costs of serving the students.
Career and Technical Tuition
The tuition for the Career and Technical Center located on the campus of Century College is set each year by the 916 school board. For FY 17 the rates are $7.93 per hour for regular education students and $9.28 per hour for special education students.
Access fee for non-members
Some districts enroll students in our programs as non-members. Given they do not contribute to the Membership Fee or the levies, they are charged an additional fee to pay towards a fair share of these costs. For FY 17 the access fee is 28% in addition to the tuition rate.
Health and Safety Levy
MDE approves the requested H&S needs similar to the member districts. The member districts each levy their pro-rata share of these needs for 916’s facilities. This area is being transitioned to a program called Long Term Maintenance Revenue recently approved by the Legislature.
Lease Levy
The member districts each have authority granted by the Legislature, above and beyond what is granted for the needs of the local district, to levy for the facility needs at 916. This is the major source of revenue for the intermediate school district and can be used to construct new facilities but cannot be used to remodel.
Safe Schools Levy
Safe Schools Levy is also levied by the member districts using their pro-rata share. It is used very similar to how the member districts use this for expenditures like resource officers who help maintain a save environment for students.
Last Updated 11/11/16