Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District

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Commitment to equity

Northeast Metro 916 is committed to equity for all staff, students and families. The district has been enhancing its equity understanding and practice for the last several years and in the 2014-15 school year, several teams came together to develop an equity definition and vision.

Equity Definition
At Northeast Metro 916, equity means that everyone has access to what they individually need in order to learn, grow and thrive.
Equity Vision
At Northeast Metro 916, equity is a core component of all of our work and is necessary to maximize the potential of each individual student, staff and family. We believe equity is a continuous and challenging process in which we must work to recognize and reduce assumptions and biases to truly understand the needs and potential of those whom we support. We are dedicated to fully engaging with others about our differences and deepening conversations around dignity, inclusion and culture. We will hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions through our everyday interactions with each other. We are committed to using equity to guide all interactions, decisions, and instruction.

The equity definition and vision will be guiding framework that staff will use as the district expands and enhances its equity training.