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Karner Blue butterfly takes new shape as outdoor labyrinth

Just like in nature, the butterfly mascot at Karner Blue takes many different forms and now students will be able to enjoy its unique shape as part of a new labyrinth installation. On Wednesday, September 16, four classrooms of students participated in painting the blue labyrinth as part of their nature-based learning curriculum and partnership with the University of Minnesota.
To design their labyrinth, Karner Blue brought in expert Lisa Moriarty, whose company Paths of Peace creates personalized temporary, permanent and mowed grass labyrinth installations around Minnesota. While labyrinths at first glance look similar in appearance to a maze, the primary difference is that labyrinths aren’t designed to be confusing; they are designed to create a sense of calm and provide an environment for self-reflection.
“Labyrinth walking can provide a sense of calm that is conducive to meditation and self-exploration,” says Lisa. “Though the labyrinth is thousands of years old, these ancient patterns still speak to us today. I believe our culture is so steeped in rapid stimulation, information and technology that we are yearning for places for quiet introspection and release. Labyrinths provide that well of solace where we can go to think deeply.”
The new butterfly labyrinth is the perfect addition to Karner Blue’s outdoor learning space and staff plan to utilize the labyrinth throughout the year as a method of intervention and a space for students to take a break and seek a sense of calm.