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Fehrman honored for humanitarianism by Minnesota Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Jay Award Jay Fehrman, principal/manager of Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) and Blind/Visually Impaired (BVI) services was awarded the Lion Roars Humanitarian Award by the Minnesota Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (MRID). Chapter president Carrie Wilbert presented the award at a staff meeting on Monday, October 12.

The Lion Roars Humanitarian Award is named after the late Leo Latz and his wife, Evelyn, who for many years generously donated their time, talents, and kindness in support of interpreters and MRID. To honor the spirit of Leo and Evelyn, this award was established and is given once a year to a person or group that demonstrates a humanitarian spirit in supporting the interpreting profession and/or the Deaf community.

Award nominees must meet two criteria:
  • be an individual or group who does not depend on interpreting for their livelihood
  • must demonstrate that they have made enduring, significant contributions to the interpreting profession and/or the Deaf community
Jay was nominated by his staff of interpreters, interveners, signing EAs, and captionists for his unwavering support of their roles and how those roles impact the lives of the DHH/BVI students that are serviced by his staff members. Since the majority of his staff are in member district buildings, Jay is a strong advocate of his staff members being involved and having a voice in the educational team of each student that receives DHH/BVI services. The staff feel that Jay is a driving force for them in regards to professional development, team participation, mentoring program, and so much more!

Jay’s staff was thrilled to learn that he was chosen as the 2015 Lion Roars Humanitarian award winner.
Click here to watch the video of his award.