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St. Francis becomes 13th member district

St. Francis Logo Northeast Metro 916 is pleased to welcome St. Francis Independent School District #15 as the 13th member district. The Northeast Metro 916 school board approved the resolution to authorize St. Francis to become a member at the December 1, 2015 board meeting.
St. Francis has a long history of utilizing Northeast Metro 916 programs and services as a nonmember and after conducting a cost benefit analysis, they determined that using Northeast Metro 916 as the primary service for Level IV special education will help them to become more efficient in terms of tuition and transportation. The St. Francis School Board voted on November 9 to pursue membership.
Superintendent Troy Ferguson, Director of Special Education Tim Finn, and School Board Members Suzanne Erkel and David Roberts were present at the December 1 meeting to inform the Northeast Metro 916 School Board of their interest in becoming a member. They noted that after vetting several different options, Northeast Metro 916 was their first choice based on quality services and programming.