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Jean Jordan receives Friends of Fulbright Finland Alumni Enrichment Award

Congratulations to Jean Jordan, director of educational services, for being awarded the Friends of Fulbright Finland Alumni Enrichment Award. Out of numerous applications, Jordan was one of two selected and will spending several weeks in Finland this summer.
In 2006-07, Jordan received a Fulbright International Administrative Exchange award and spent six weeks working in a middle school in Finland with administrator Kari Salminen. Salminen then spent six weeks in Jean’s elementary school in Albert Lea, MN. The purpose of the grant was to exchange ideas, work in a school in another country, and shadow the administrator through their day. They also travelled and visited other local cultural events and location.
Jordan and Salminen have remained friends and colleagues over the years, and she is thrilled to be able to go back after 10 years to reconnect and see how Finland has changed. 10 years ago there was little racial/cultural diversity in Finnish schools which has now changed significantly due to an influx in migration from the Middle East. During her time abroad, Jordan will be working with school administrators and local members of the immigrant population to consider ideas, goals and tools to create an equitable school environment.