Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District

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Northeast Metro 916 and 3M partner for technology, safety trainings

Kathy, Marty, Tony Marty Breimhurst and Kathy Thompson, trainers from 3M, visited the Northeast Metro 916 Career and Technical Center on Sept. 9 to show students how to stay safe as they refine their skills in construction, automotive dismantling, truck and diesel technology, and other hands-on work.
The trainers taught students how to protect themselves against falls, hearing loss, respiratory problems and more. 3M also donated more than 300 pairs of protective eye and hearing equipment to the Career and Technical Center. 
To the staff at 3M, this is more than just a regular classroom visit. Trainings like these build lifelong skills that not only keep students safe, but set them up for success with future employers. "It is important to help students understand what they can do to protect themselves not only in the classroom, but later on when they are on the job site," said Breimhurst. 
In a long-standing partnership, Teacher Tony Waldner trains 3M staff in welding skills twice each year, so they are able to not only talk about the equipment, but conduct demonstrations using real-world examples.
The Career and Technical Center, located in Century College, connects high school students to courses that prepare them to graduate from high school with the skills and in some cases the credentials necessary to start careers in fields that range from animal science, entrepreneurship, medical assisting and more. The center offers students an alternative to a traditional four-year college experience that can lead them to good-paying jobs in high-demand areas across the metro.
 Harness demonstration  Demonstration